Thursday, 7 January 2016

Future of mobile technologies - will the apps survive? It they do, how could you make a career in this or build your first company?

Will the mobile apps survive? This is the biggest question which is making the experts busy now-a-days. Some experts believe that the current usage of apps, which generally give us information and let us get a service if and when we want it, will be irrelevant in the future when the internet will be all pervasive (exists everywhere) at an extremely high bandwidth (read speed). They predict that from a ‘pull’ based usage of mobile and web apps, we will live in a world where the web will be ‘push’ based, that is, the web will be all around us and coming to us irrespective of whether we are specifically looking for it. 

Example of such a future?

Well, suppose when we want to travel to a place within a city, we can open the ‘Uber’, ‘Ola’ or other cab/taxi app and book a cab. This is an example of a ‘pull’ based mobile web.
Now, imagine sometime in the future, you are standing at place wanting to go to another place. And before you have to open your mobile and open the app, the app itself switches on and asks you whether you would like to avail a cab arriving in 2 minutes to take you?
Imagine you are entering a shopping complex and an app is telling you that you need to buy a gift for your friend whose birthday falls on the next week.

Some believe and predict otherwise

Well, many says many apps already have the ‘push’ capabilities and they will only get better over the time. Partially yes. We have the Apple Watch and quite a few apps which sort of ‘tells’ us or ‘push’ information to us before we ask them. 
You have to get hungry now, to know more and make a plan

See, there are theses and anti-theses. The best you can do to understand is to listen to experts, read, get exposure to multiple forums on mobile technologies and get experience to develop your own set of knowledge about the future.

At Careers21 Symposium, Krishna Tammireddy will tell you something about the future and what you can do best to avail of the opportunities. 

Check out what he is going to say.

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